The DIGITAL ATLAS OF HISTOLOGY  is a summary of a more complete work developed by the Laboratory of Microscopy and Image Processing. This work was initially supported by Brazilian agency CAPES and hosteded by the microscope companies Zeiss and Leo. The final purpose of this project is to create a image database and produce a CD-ROM. Besides, the light and electron micrographs, in the CD-ROM, the students will have access to a greater amount of images, videos and texts.  In the CD-ROM the students will find a booklet with the fundamentals of Microscopy and Image Processing organized by  Prof. Luiz Henrique Monteiro Leal. The CD-ROM will be available soon.
    Finally, this work is directed to all students and professionals in the medical and biological area, who need a more direct and efficient way of studding Histology in comparison to the ordinary ATLAS.